Finding my Inspiration


Where do you find your inspiration for your classroom? It’s the time of year where I am mentally preparing for the new school year. I am reflecting on the previous year, thinking of what worked well for us, and what needs tweaking. I’m thinking of how my students have inspired me to look beyond our lessons and focus on ourselves.

Many learners who have come before us have left their thoughts and ideas as their legacy. For example, Walt Disney, an innovator who made his dreams come true, has inspired me. On a recent trip to Walt Disney World with my family for a much needed vacation, I discovered his quotes all over the parks. He is still building dreams and inspiring others to follow their dreams.IMG_5427

Walt Disney is my inspiration, and his words are becoming my mantra. I want to get things going in my room.This year, I want to create a more flexible learning environment for my students, so that they have ownership of their learning because every student needs time for personalized learning.

I also find inspiration in colleagues who share my vision of student directed learning. This year, I am making a change in me. I am redesigning my teaching and reflecting on the process. So find your inspiration, and join me on my journey through rethinking and redesigning curriculum using 21st century skills, focusing mostly on the 4C’s – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.