New Beginnings


This year, my mantra is “Believe in yourself!”. I am taking some advice from a singer my daughter love, Shawn Mendes, and celebrating the mistakes we make and being extraordinary. Our theme song is “I believe in you” by Mendes, and the learners are moving and grooving as they sing along. We have a Wonder Wall in our room that is a place to share things we wonder about. I have added some thing to get it started, however, it didn’t take long for the learners to bring in things they wanted to share. Many are interested in rocks and fossils, while others have brought pictures to share. It will be a great place to add things we are learning more about as the year evolves. IMG_5797

We worked on collaboration this week, and I’ve been putting up a question each day for the learners to answer ( How do you act when you are working with another person?; Who do you show someone you care?; What are your talents? ) The answers they come up with and the discussions we are having about character development and  how we act are amazing!

I am learning how to build their knowledge of reading, writing, and math skills alongside lifelong skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.  We worked in collaborative groups this week on a Box Project: There were so many creative ideas they shared, and they came up with their own set of rules for collaboration, and they could describe what creativity looks like! I walked around and could hear the conversations they were having about how to improve their project. I loved listening in on how their projects evolved! I am looking forward to working with this class of learners this year. We are off to a great start!

An army base out of boxes

An army base out of boxes