It’s the Little Things …


141a6f26bf63b1e3b475ee3e1b4f0cc5It’s the most wonderful time of year, but for teachers, it is like running a marathon to get to the finish line. Teachers are required to complete progress reports, evaluate their students’ achievements, conference with students about progress, teach their lessons, and maintain some control as the students enjoy the excitement of December.  As I begin to question, “Is this all worth it?”, it is my students who remind me,  with messages of love and care, and random acts of kindness, why I chose this life.

Our last day before break was Friday, and as I was driving home, I realized how important it is to have a relationship with your students. During our last day, one student asked me  if he could take books home over the break. He wanted to do “school” at home since we would be off for two weeks. I also received a lovely gift from one of my students, with a note tucked inside from his mom saying that he wanted to spend his own money on a special gift for me. At the end of the day, I sent my students on their way, and quickly followed them out the door to get to a teacher workshop. I was spotted by one of my students who ran up to me and said, ” I miss you already!”. I know many teachers have similar stories of students who appreciate all you do for them. They are the reason I chose to continue on this journey.

In my classroom, we have asked questions and looked for answers, we’ve learned how to work together, how to lead, and how to be flexible. Most of all, we’ve learned how to take care of ourselves and each other.  We realize that it is the little things that remind us how to do good things. Our class worked on sharing notes of appreciation, handing out treats, encouraging each other with words and actions, and thanking people that helped us out along the way.  I am humbled by my students’ kindness, and through their words and actions, I know I have made a difference in their lives. Always remember the little things and the importance of small gestures.