Reinvent, Reimagine


January: a month to reinvent yourself. And reimagine your classroom. We begin tomorrow with 2016, the second half of the school year. My theme this week is Review, Reflect, and Reorganize.

REVIEW: Together, with my students, we will talk about our first half of the year, and review expectations, routines, and how our classroom feels. We are going to review our book boxes – clean out the old stuff and re-introduce what’s there and how to use the tools we have in front of us. We will refresh our minds by cleaning out the clutter and refocus on what we want to accomplish by the end of the year.

REFLECT: We are going back in our portfolios to look at goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, and reflect on what we did to work toward that goal. We will set new goals, and one goal I have for my students is to design digital portfolios. We will reflect on what we’ve learned and reimagine what we want to learn.

REORGANIZE: or redesign, or redecorate. Whichever term you prefer. We are going to reflect on what is working for us, and make revisions, and refocus our minds on what matters most. I am excited to hear the input of my students and see what they think is important to be the best  learner they can be.