Do Small Things in a Great Way


Happy New Year! I just finished reading a great book by a fabulous author, Small Things by Jodi Picoult. Her quote got me thinking that we do small great things every day! So this year my quote is going to be “Do small things in a great way.”

Working with the “little guys”, I am inspired every day by their ability to do great things and think big things. Six and seven year olds  are courageous and dream big! They look for solutions rather than problems, and this is one reason why I love working with first graders. Each day they show how they can be better than they were yesterday. In reading, we take small steps to learn the process of reading. Then, by the end of the year, they are reading chapter books!  If we focus on the small steps, one at a time, we will reach the end goal!

A teacher friend of mine always says ” go slow to go fast.” She, too, is working toward that end goal by taking small steps, doing small things to make a bigger impact.

This year, my class and I will be focusing on doing small things in a great way. We will focus on those small steps to reach our personal goals in the end.


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