What inspires you?

We are back from Spring break, and entering into the last phase of first grade. Many teachers refer to this time as ” The Final Push”. It’s a time where we push our students, our teammates, and ourselves to reach goals, meet deadlines, and prepare to move on. It’s a time of year where we all need some inspiration to run that marathon, one leg at a time, to reach the finish line and finish strong.  So what inspires us to finish strong, and not give up on the road?


Its the kids.

The kids we’ve been moving forward all year. The kids we know can do it if they put in some “umph” and grit. The kids who want to try something new and are figuring out how. The kids who struggled earlier in the year that finally have that”A-ha” moment.

This past week, when I observed students in my class helping each other figure out how to show they know about sequencing, I was inspired. This is our goal this week in literacy. While two students worked together to create a storyboard, another team of students was using our Dash robot to move along a map of the story. Some may call it arguing, some may say they were discussing how to do what they wanted to do. I would say they were using critical thinking – finding solutions to problems, and using perseverance – not giving up when it didn’t work the first time.

This was inspiring.  After showing them how the robots work, they were figuring it out. After talking about critical thinking and what it was, my students were demonstrating it. They had applied their thinking skills to learn something new, together.

When I met with other students to work on writing a how-to book, I was inspired.  I have students that have fabulous ideas in their heads, but need help organizing those ideas on paper. These students had detailed ideas on how to build something, and how to win at Dart Wars. They knew how to sequence them in order, but struggled with this skill when we started the year together.  They were applying what they knew. images-4

I am inspired every day by my kids and what they can do. I am inspired by colleagues who also try something new in their classrooms because they believe its best for kids. I am also inspired by people who take risks to make the world a better place. It is finding that inspiration from people around me that will guide me on this last leg of the marathon. Look for the inspiration on your journey. What inspires you?




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