#Oneword for 2018

# Oneword


This has been a popular tweet and mantra this month. As we look toward new year, I am reminded of new beginnings and fresh starts This #oneword got me thinking , “How do I capture a year in one word? “, “What do I want to focus on this year?”(without sounding hokey).  I was stumped …for a while.

A friend, who is an inspiration to me, asked a few of us to video tape ourselves sharing our word from 2017. Now, I do not like hearing my voice recorded, it sounds so high pitched. But, he got me thinking about being vulnerable, and putting my ideas out onto the world, which is something I continue to work on. I thought, “Challenge accepted!”

There are so many words out there, so many people with so many great words to share , to inspire, to move us forward, to make us think.  What would my word be?

I wrote down words that inspire me, and thought about inspire as my word, but I needed something more for me. Last year, my word was believe. And this carried through to my classroom with our mantra “Believe in you.”  we listen to Shawn Mendes every morning singing “I Believe” as we gather for our CREW meeting. That word captured my year, believing in myself and my students to achieve more, to do more, to change our world. I changed jobs, began presenting innovative ideas to other teachers at local and regional conferences, and followed some amazing educators on twitter for my inspiration.

So, what word would capture 2018? What do I expect of myself this year?

And then it came to me…


Imagine the possibilities.

Imagine what we can do together.


This is the year to imagine what I can do with the power of #oneword. The word to inspire me to challenge myself and take some risks.

When I shared this with my class, they came up with words of their own, which will inspire all of us to imagine what we can do together.