Redesigning our Learning Space





In my classroom, I took away assigned seating. They choose their seat when they come to class in the morning. My students have a cubby with their notebooks, clipboard, and folders in it. We share supplies in a basket on each table. Here my students are using pillows and low tables, just right  for their size, as they create content in the iPads.

IMG_4062Students collaborate about how to make the “soccer kick” from the Lego WeDo kit. They are in our Maker’s Space, tables and chairs designed for making things. 


3 thoughts on “Redesigning our Learning Space

  1. marylisaharper says:

    You prove that you don’t need a big grant to create a collaborative and student centered learning “house”!

  2. Shannon Fox says:

    I love, love your heart toward teaching and creating the best learning space possible. My kids were so blessed to have you as their second grade teacher, and I was blessed to get to see firsthand how your efforts are paying off for your kids. THANK YOU!!

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